A Visit From My Cuz And Her Family – AKA, “Jo, we need a babysitter!”


Last weekend, my cousin Debbie and her family came up to the Loops from Coquitlam to celebrate her friend Pamela’s 40th birthday. Greggor and I took the kids on Saturday night so Deb and Kal could enjoy their party and Greg taught the kids how to make paper throwing stars (because they are a completely safe and responsible toy for kids to make…uhm, no…) and then Josie and I painted Christmas ornaments for next year’s tree. Greg and the kids also built a snowman and an Inukshuk (which Greg can neither pronounce properly or remember the word for) and plenty of giggles and fun.

The visit seemed to be over as soon as it started and it made me, once again, realize how fast time blows by. The kids had grown so much since I’d last seen them and they only live three hours away. Every year it seems more and more difficult to find the time to whip down to the coast and visit my relatives who are scattered all over the lower mainland, but ever year I resolve to try harder to make the time to do it.  This year I have no excuses because I am shooting three weddings down there and will have to hit some of them up for a place to stay while I’m there! Ha! Even if there were no weddings to be shot down there, though, I would still need to bite the bullet and get down there more often. After all, none of us are getting any younger.

So this year I will (tongue in cheek) make more of an effort to keep up on family “stuff” before I look up from my computer screen one day and 10 years have passed.

Here are a few of my fave pics from their visit!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

G’night peeps! I wish you all enough…

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