The First Time In The History Of Photography Jo!

I took a, pardon my language, KICK ASS wedding photography workshop with the uber talented and personable Zach and Jody Gray a couple of weekends ago. It was amazeballs and I learned a lot, but the number one tidbit I picked up is that if I get a shot right in camera, I don’t need to spend more than a few seconds editing it.

Let me say that again, for all of you photographers out there who often think to yourself, “Oh, I’ll just tweak that later when I’m editing.”…If you get it right in camera, you don’t have to do much editing.

I know! It’s such a simple concept, but I can’t count the amount of times I’ve told myself during a wedding shoot that I can probably fix any major mistakes when I edit. I’m not afraid to admit that to all of you. I’m not perfect and I’m not the best photographer on the planet. I make mistakes. Granted, they are becoming fewer and farther between the more I learn and the more I shoot, but there’s still a giant margin for error if I’m not paying attention.

After the workshop, I made up my mind to challenge the heck out of myself and do an entire shoot with the goal of pulling the images straight out of the camera and doing nothing more than touching up skin or converting an image to B&W. Yesterday was that day and, even though I probably didn’t show it, I was sooooooo anxious about being able to get it done.

I was very fortunate to find a fantastic couple to be my Bride & Groom. Erika and Jason, thanks so much for being so patient with us and braving the frigid weather long enough to allow me to think through each shot and get it right the first time! And thanks to everyone else (Karen Deol for the hair and makeup, Grace for assisting me and Teresa Cline for videoing the whole shebang) for making the shoot run smoothly and as fast as we could make it go!

Are the images perfect? Hell no! But they are straight out of the camera (except a few which I converted to B&W and one with a skin retouch) and they look pretty darn good. Sure, the shadows don’t always fall in the correct places and I probably could have composed a few of them to better suit the background and subjects, but I’m still happy with them. Stoked actually!

Can’t wait to get out on Sunday and shoot an E Session for one of my lovely and HILARIOUS couples for 2012!

Here are a few of my faves from the shoot.

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