Who Are These People???

Ever wonder who comes up with ideas like these:

  1. Someone should fish for sharks, cut their fins off while they’re still alive, and then throw them back in the ocean alive
  2. Hey, let’s round up a couple thousand dolphins and have our young men slaughter them as a right of passage
  3. Hey, ivory will fetch a lot of money on the black market, so let’s kill a family of elephants so we can cut off their tusks
  4. Oh, wait, Rhinos have ivory tusks too, let’s kill them too
  5. There are a shit ton of stray dogs around here, let’s round them up and sell them to restaurants for food
  6. Let’s raise cats and then skin them alive because their pelt is more supple that way
  7. Squid is more delicious if it’s alive when you cut it up into pieces and it squirms while it goes down
  8. Let’s send a dog into space…we know she’ll never come back and she’ll die alone and starving/thirsty, but what the hell, let’s do it
  9. Let’s use live animals, like pigs and chimpanzees, as crash test dummies. That seems like a great idea.
  10. Let’s use animals in our lab tests. We’ll subject them to a ton of painful tests, expose them to harmful chemicals, poke them, prod them, deny them a humane life – one with dignity and fair game for life

ASSHOLES, that’s who, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m in a ridiculously pissed off mood right now. Just can’t understand how people can allow themselves to do this kind of shit. Don’t understand how people get to the point where they can so blatantly abuse another life form without even blinking.

And people wonder why I sometimes hide from the world.

If I were a bazillionaire, I would devote my life to taking out every person I could who showed a blatant disregard for the welfare of animals. Oh yes I would. I’d employ ex navy seals to teach me and a team of my animal loving cronies how to snipe people in all sorts of creative ways and I’d make sure that each and every person I took out would know exactly why I was doing it.

Harsh, I know, but I don’t give a shit about people’s reasons. Inflicting suffering on another being is NEVER okay in my book. Makes me want to become a vigilante or crawl under a rock so I don’t have to witness the destruction and pain that human beings inflict on others.


And on that note, I shall go to bed and cry myself to sleep at the state of the world…

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