All He Wanted For His Birthday Was A Piece Of Tail!

I took this pic of Greg just before Christmas when we were on our way to Edmonton to see my brother Mike and his family.

He was just giving Juno a belly rub in the hotel room and I took it with my phone so it’s pretty crappy, but it’s HILARIOUS for reasons I’m sure your imagination can supply.

That’s not the funny part, though. There is really so much more to this story.

About five years ago, our friend Jason turned 30 and, being the funny people we are, Greg and I gave him the BEST GIFT EVER! During one of our many camping trips together, I may have snapped a picture of our old man dog, Dyogi, trying to Ahem, have relations with Jay’s dog, Jackie! Then we took the pic and put it on a T shirt with the caption, “HOLY F#$K! Look who’s turning 30!”. It was, as gifts go, pretty rad!

Before Greg’s birthday this year, I showed Jay the pic above and he asked me to send it to him so he could do something great with it for Greg’s big day.


First Jay and Shannon (his wife) blew the pic up and put a bubble caption on it that says, “All I wanted for my birthday was a piece of tail.” Bahahahah! If that wasn’t funny enough, they also brought him a case of beer with this picture printed on all of the labels and some fairly funny shit written on them.

Here are a few of the witty captions they came up with:

  • City Worker
  • JO! I swear we were just talking
  • Give a dog a bone? You’re doing it ALL wrong!
  • Screw Steak & BJ night (you will only find this funny if you happened to see my FB status on the day of Greg’s birthday)
  • Doggie Style? Greg, you’re doing it wrong!
  • Jo! When did you get home?

They also took another picture, one of Greg purposely looking crosseyed and pointing at something and made some labels out of it too:

  • Happy Birthday My Special Friend
  • Jo calls me her Special Little Man
  • I’m Super!
  • Life’s like a box of chocolates
  • Great! Rad! Fantastic! Great!
  • This is my going out outfit!

Needless to say, not sure how we are going to top this one when Jay turns 40!

Have a good day, my friends, I wish you all enough…

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