Video For My Website

Wooot! It is done and although it’s not exactly what I imagined in my somewhat strange and often delusional mind, this is actually preferable!

Teresa Cline, a local videographer and I did a deal for Tradesies – she shoots my video and I shoot her! Love it when local business peeps scratch each other’s backs. You can check out her website here.

We had to do a voiceover to add to the video and, after we did about a half hour worth of really great clips that showed off my passion, zest, sense of humour, etc., we realized we’d had a slight equipment failure and had to record all of the clips again. The second time around was much harder than the first and, admittedly, I left her thinking that she’d never get what she needed from the second set. She did a great job, though. I really have no idea how she pieced it together so well after I thought I’d made a shambles of it! Needless to say, I was more than surprised with the result!!!

The link to the video is here!

Have a looksy and let me know what you think? Most people say it sums up my personality, although it does make me seem a little ditzy…Of course, that’s fine because, well, Iam a little ditzy sometimes!

Have a great day, my friends! I wish you all enough…


One thought on “Video For My Website

  1. Ahh, the video made me seriously happy!! It got me all emotional thinking about my wedding day and the amazing job you did! Love it šŸ™‚

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