Adventure Dating!

It has been too long since Greg and I went out on an Adventure Date – the kind of date where one of us shows the other interesting and beautiful places that the other hasn’t seen yet. He is usually the guide as he explores all the time on his motorbike and then comes home to tell me all about the awesome places he’s been. Yesterday, we decided it was time for and ADV Date and that it was his turn, so we headed up the Deadman’s Valley for a day filled of ooooohs and ahhhhhhs!

The weather was spectacular. Our moods were jubilant and Juno was dead tired by the time we made it home. So many smells. So many places to run. So many grouse and white-tailed deer to chase! So many places to swim!

Deadman’s starts just past Savona and runs all the way through the mountains and back out by Kamloops and the drive is amazeballs, gorgeous, majestic, yada yada yada.

It was just a day of us, cruising together, singing along to the radio, talking about life and laughing at how much Juno enjoys living! It was the best day we’ve had in months and I woke up in the best mood this morning after almost an entire day of no computer and no phone!

Here are some fun shots of our ADV Date!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next time, it’s my turn to show Greggor some places he’s never been. I’m going to take him to see Gold Bridge, Bralorne, Pioneer (where the old Gold Mine was) and a bunch of other places I used to hang out when I lived in the middle of nowhere!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! I wish you all enough…

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