How Cool Are These!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

Last week I finally had a chance to sit down and order a few samples of the various products my printing company, Technicare, has to offer. They carry a line of print mounts (called Image Blocks and Float Wraps) that I had heard were amazingly good quality and the most affordable alternative to the Fine Art Canvas Wraps that I usually offer my clients.

Firstly, let me explain how much I super love Canvas Wraps. If I had a bazillion dollars, I would take every photo I love and have them ALL made into Canvas Wraps of various shapes and sizes. My walls would be completely covered with these beauties because they are, hands down, the most beautiful way to showcase your photos. Plus, they are really easy to keep clean because they don’t show dust the way that ordinary framed photos do. I love, love, love them.  Did I mention I love them???

I’m also not afraid to admit that I was fairly skeptical about both these Image Blocks and Float Wraps, to the point that I put off ordering any for a few months because I just didn’t believe they could hold a candle to my beloved Canvas. When I received my first sample today, I actually laughed out loud when I unwrapped it. What an ass I am. These things arekick ass! Aside from the fact that I realized I used the wrong photo in the sample (it was an unedited version, but I was too sick to notice), it still turned out amazing. AMAZING!!!!

An Image Block is the same idea as a Canvas Wrap – art gallery idea – but instead of being stretched around a wooden frame and given a finish to protect it, etc., the image is printed and mounted onto a strong foam board and then coated with a protective finish. The result is a picture that looks like a canvas print, but is actually a lightweight plastic board. Light as a feather and it looks great from all angles. I’m seriously blown away by how cool they are.

Here is the pic that I started with, or at least was supposed to start with. It’s from our trip to California last year. I wrote Cora’s name in the sand and we sat and watched the tide come in and wash it away.

And here is the Image Block that I ordered (please excuse the unedited version with Juno’s paw print in there). 🙂 Also excuse the photo of the Block as I took it with my cell phone in a moment of laziness!

I only ordered a small one (10×20 and 3/4″) because I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but as soon as I had a good look, I immediately ordered another one – a giant one – that we can hang on the wall beside her Urn and other pictures. I also ordered a few medium sized ones of Juno (as a surprise for Greg…Don’t worry, he never reads my blog).

I literally can’t wait for tomorrow when the Float Wrap will arrive. Squeeeeee!

Have a super dee duper, kick ass kind of day everyone. I wish you all enough…


One thought on “How Cool Are These!!!!

  1. Cool, even with a cell phone photo, you can see what a good quality it is. Awesome photo, I hadn’t seen that one yet.

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