When I was a Teenager, I was BAD ASS!

Sooooooo…last night I had a dream about my garden or, as Greg likes to call it, my Cougar Sanctuary. In said dream, I was hiding behind the cedars in the neighbor’s back yard, spying on myself as I pruned a beautiful row of sugar snap peas. When I watched myself leave the garden, I waited for a few minutes and then I bolted from behind the cedars, hopped the fence and dove behind the row of peas, where I lay for another few minutes until I was sure no one had seen me. When the coast was clear, I crawled along the bottom of the entire row, picking ripe pea pods and stuffing all of my pockets with them. Then I sprinted across the yard, hopped the fence again and ran as though I had just robbed a bank, until my lungs ran out of air and I was sure I got away clean.

It was WILD. I woke up with my heart thundering, a feeling of complete guilt for stealing and a craving for sugar snap peas.

As my heart returned to normal rhythm, I started laughing, then snorting and finally, tears began rolling out of my eyes as the hilarity of my situation hit me full on.

I used to do midnight garden raids with my buddies when I was a teenager. We thought we were stealthy ninjas, depriving the local gardeners of their hard sown crops. Yes! That’s right! I used to sneak out of my house, meet my friends and then steal peas and carrots and other delicious vegetables from the neighbors. And I felt SO bad ass when I was doing it.


To all of my neighbors who slaved away in their gardens when I was growing up, I apologize.

If only kids these days would be half as bad ass as we were back then, I would gladly let them steal a few handfuls of my peas instead of my lawn mower, car, etc.


I’m still giggling.

Have a good day my friends. I wish you all enough…

One thought on “When I was a Teenager, I was BAD ASS!

  1. Pfft. Craig and I used to sneak out after midnight to WALK AROUND. Until we got busted for being OUTSIDE and EXERCISING. We were the real tough guys.

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