Who Wouldn’t Want To Eat Bichon Fries?

Last week, a Facebook friend posted a story by the Kamloops Daily News about a family of nuisance coyotes who live in the middle of a rural neighbourhood in Kamloops. The family has been happily munching away on people’s cats and the occasional small dog for some time and, for some reason I can’t fathom, people in the area suddenly think this is newsworthy because they are unhappy that the coyote family is there. It makes them afraid for their pets. My FB friend felt that if a person lives in a rural area, he or she should expect that there will be wildlife to deal with. After all, when a city branches out further and further into the wilderness to accommodate a large civilian population, we intrude on the wildlife habitat that has been there for, most likely, generations. The wildlife are the ones whose territory has been invaded and their survival instincts cause them to take advantage of the “easy pickings” that small pets provide.

While it definitely saddens me that beloved pets are becoming coyote snacks, I still couldn’t agree with her exasperation more.

However, this post is not about the coyotes or their arch nemeses. No, this story is about, well, the writing in the article itself.

Admittedly, I am known to be a bit of a grammar/spelling Nazi and, even though I make mistakes when I write, I also don’t run a major publication that has editors put in place to avoid glaring errors – errors that can turn a person’s heartache into a comical situation that leaves people like me laughing hysterically for days afterward.

As I read through the article, I was thinking, “Hmm, I wonder why the coyotes are eating pets when there is, clearly, no shortage of small wildlife for them to eat out there?” However, as I reached the halfway point of the article, the answer became quite clear. Here is the line from the article that made it all make sense.

Kermode has a tiered backyard and left the small dog – a bichon fries – on the top tier. When he looked out the kitchen window, the dog was gone, he said.

Of course! How could I have missed that? Who wouldn’t want to chow down on some delicious Bichon fries? Now I understand why the coyote family is eating small pets and ignoring their normal diet of small rodents and rabbits. Mmmm…yummy Bichon Fries! My fave! Nom Nom Nom…Still LMAO!!!

Just to top off this blog, I’m sharing a Cyanide and Happiness cartoon that one of my peeps posted to my Facebook wall yesterday because it made her think of me instantly. 🙂

Have a great Tuesday everyone! I wish you all enough…


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