Dad Says It’s OKAY For Me To Drop The F-Bomb!

Conversation between me and Pops a few weeks ago:

Dad: “Hey JoJo! How’s Greg enjoying his trip to Alaska?”

Jo: “I have no fucking idea. Haven’t heard from him in days. He could have been eaten by a Grizzly and I’d have no fucking clue.”

Dad: Silence

Jo: “Oh, sorry about those F-bombs, Pops. Not cool.”

Dad: Silence…and then…I don’t give a shit if you use the word fuck. Fuck is just a word, kid.”

Jo: Gapes

Dad: “Look! Maybe 20 years ago, you’d hear someone say fuck and it would leave a bad taste in your mouth. It was offensive and, honestly, made people sound like uneducated, ignorant assholes. 20 years ago, you could really turn heads in a room when you dropped your “F-bomb”. Today, though, it’s just morphed into everyone’s vernacular and it’s as common and acceptable as “table” or “car”, so why would I care if you say it? It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s certainly not lady like, but who’s keeping tabs on being lady like around here?

Jo: “Fuck yeah!”

Dad: “Exactly!”

End of conversation.

Dad’s right. It’s just a word now. A word that fits well into so many different situations and is used by bazillions of people all over the world – people who speak all sorts of languages. It’s universal and it is readily accepted as the norm by the younger generation (probably due to the fact that our language is slowly deteriorating from its well-articulated roots into a combo of shortened slang words interspersed with “universal” words like shit and fuck).

I often wonder what I would sound like to people if I were to speak the way I write. I am sure people would look at me as though I were a three-headed monster.

For example:

In Today Speak, I might say, “Holy Shitsnacks! That shit was off the fucking hook! Repeat! Booyah!”, which of course, translated into writing would read, “Wow! That experience was absolutely scintillating and I would very much enjoy doing it again!”

See what I mean? I would literally be asking for people to point to me and whisper, “Total douchebag. Thinks she’s soooo smart. We should probably punch her right in her smart mouth.” 

In retrospect, I believe I will stick to sounding like an uneducated, ignorant asshole (even though I secretly know I’m a smarty pants) because, frankly, I really enjoy the word fuck and all its connotations.

And, well, if Pops says it’s okay, then there you have it!

Fucking Eh my friends! I wish you all enough…

3 thoughts on “Dad Says It’s OKAY For Me To Drop The F-Bomb!

  1. Liam comments with…so…should I use the f word more often??
    Owen comments with…WTF…then he tripped on his free weight and hurt his toe and said…fuck, shit, god damn it. They are soooo funny.
    Although one time they told me that jackass and asshole are compound words…I replied with yeah so is cannot and they cannot say that:) took great strength not to laugh as they said it:)

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