The Zen of Nakedness

With every boudoir shoot I do, the subject of getting naked comes up. I usually ask at the beginning of the session if my client is interested in doing any naked shots and the answer is almost always something along the lines of, “Uhm…I’m not really sure if I’d be comfortable with that.” I don’t push the issue and I just smile my little secret smile because I know that, 9 times out of 10, we are soooo gonna drop the gear!

At the beginning of the session, my ladies are always so nervous – some even get really shaky – and it takes me approximately 10 minutes to cure them of their nerves. I get them talking, make them laugh, make them twist themselves into really unnatural, pretzel-like positions (because if someone perceives that they look absolutely ridiculous, she can’t help but laugh and loosen up). “No, really!” I tell them. “It feels really weird, but it’s soooooo sexy.”

10 minutes and we’re always well on our way to nekkid!

After 30 minutes or so, I casually drop the question again. “So, you think you’d like to do some nekkid shots after all?” Yes, I think I would be up for trying.

Of course you would be!

The crazy thing about shooting a woman who was shaking, fully clothed before me a mere half hour before, is that some kind of switch gets flicked when the clothes come off. It’s as though my client realizes that she is completely naked before an almost absolute stranger, so she may as well throw caution to the wind and just relax and enjoy the experience. The atmosphere of the shoot becomes calmer, the laughter more forthcoming and the experience almost zen-like. The clothes come off and the rest of the session flows like Vinyasa Yoga.

The best shots I do involve not a stitch of clothing and I barely ever get the opportunity to share those photos with the world because they are so powerfully private and intimate for my clients. I don’t mind, though. Just knowing that I’ve helped yet one more woman love her body for its beauty and perfect imperfections is more than enough vindication for me.

I’m thinking about having a session done entirely naked, so I can hang up some giant canvasses of my own beauty and imperfections. A constant, visual reminder that I am everything a woman should be – strong, sensual, powerfully feminine!

And, since I won’t be posting any nekkid shots for you today, I’ll appease you with these shots I just grabbed of Juno The Wonderdog and Orange Julius Caesar chillaxing while I work. 🙂

Happy Monday, my friends! I wish you all enough…

One thought on “The Zen of Nakedness

  1. I think the biggest obstacle with posing in the nude is feeling comfortable and confident with yourself! The big step is ballsing up to do a boudoir shoot to begin with, and then I think the layers will easily fall away after you get comfortable. I know that’s my biggest issue. Once I get the balls to do it, there’s no telling what may happen, lol.

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