Baby’s NEED Their IPhones Ya’ll

Soooooo, not sure if you’ve seen it, but there’s a vid out on the waves right now of a dude (a white, pimped out chubby guy) who steals an iphone from a wee babe in a stroller. I watched it this morning while drinking my java and have to admit I  giggled. I mean, who wouldn’t immediately think of the new and fantastic expression, “It’s like taking an iphone from a baby”?

Here’s the link to the video:

But really, on a serious side, now that it’s out there that it’s this easy to steal phones from helpless babes and it will soon become common knowledge that it’s “as easy as stealing an iphone from a baby”, parents should be on their guard. There will be a lot of thieving types who are just waiting for the opportunity to snatch your hand-held digital connection to the universe right out of your infant’s unsuspecting hands when you aren’t looking. Of course, it could be a fun game if you let your baby play with your phone and then pretend you’re not paying attention until some douchebag tries to steal it and then jump on the thief as he or she runs away! Of course, you may not think this is funny at all and I may have serious issues that only a top level psychiatrist can help me work through. I guess we’ll never know…

It’s Thursday…that is all.

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