First World Problems Jo Style

Goooooood Morning! I actually have about ten minutes to blog this morning before I, literally, sprint off to start my day and, to lighten my heart a bit from the book I’m reading about the children being massacred in southern Sudan and Uganda, I thought I would quickly write about a subject that is quickly becoming a source of ironic humour for so many of us: First World Problems.

You know, the things that so many people in developed countries such as the States and Canada complain about on a constant basis – things that, in the scheme of the world, are trivial and laughable, yet we make a big deal about them and even, GASP, get upset about them.

I’ve been accruing a list lately of my own FWPs (as I like to call them). They make me laugh because they are absolutely ridiculous…

1. Last night I was frustrated that it took me more than two hours to choose a new vanity, sink, and accessories for our upstairs bathroom reno. Oh, the trials and tribulations of having not only enough money to house ourselves, feed ourselves, entertain ourselves, but also to upgrade our houses at will because we are bored with the way they look. FWP.

2. Lost my shit the other day when my internet seemed slow and my Facebook was acting up. Really? No, REALLY? FWP.

3. Thought about buying an ipod with more capacity because I was getting annoyed with always having to listen to the same 400 songs…insert me smacking my forehead in a moment of pure disgust for this one. FWP.

4. Had a hissy fit that my 2007 Honda Fit, which is in pretty much immaculate condition and has never steered me wrong – pun intended – has a rattle under the dash. I actually had to turn up the music so the rattle would stop bothering me. FWP.

5. This one is the best…Yelled at my brand new, 27 inch Mac a few days ago because I didn’t understand why it wouldn’t sync with my brand new ipad mini and my brand new iphone 5. HUGE FUCKING FWP…uhm, yah, no.

6. Became frustrated last night because I have a lot of work to do this week before my friend, Dana, and I jump in the car and drive to Seattle to hang out with derby friends. Imagine my angst at having to actually get work done before I, once again, go gallavanting off to have fun with derby peeps. FWP.

7. And, most recently, this morning when I woke up and realized that I have to drive ALL THE WAY to the RONA on the Res to pick up our new vanity and stuff before I head up to my training session with my personal trainer. OH GAWD, how DO I handle the day to day strife of such a hard life. FWP.

Okay, so the message here is that it really boggles my mind how easily we can turn our fairly privileged lives into material for complaints when other people can barely put food on their tables or are surviving on water from dirty puddles and eating dirt because they are starving to death.

I am grateful, more than I can say, that I live in Canada and that I am lucky enough to be able to complain about trivial BS in my life, but I still realize that my complaints are ridiculous and, well, kind of pathetic in the scheme of things.

What are some of your FWPs? Do tell! It’s always good to laugh at yourself once in awhile.

Have a great Wednesday, my friends.

I wish you all enough…

2 thoughts on “First World Problems Jo Style

  1. I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon your blog several months ago. You have made me laugh ( hysterically, actually on more than one occasion), made me cry, and in all that continue to remind me of the bigger things. Thanks for the laugh, and reminder today, Jo. And FYI….damned iPhone autocorrect that I had to go back and change many words so I don’t sound like an idiot ………FWP!

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