Meet Mr. Petrie, Owner of F3 Fit…He kicks my ass three times a week, but I’m okay with that!

This is Robert, my trainer, or as like to think of him, the guy who makes my ass hurt. 🙂

F3 FitnessThis is what he does when I tell his wife that he makes my ass hurt.

F3-12Actually, he does that a lot. He’s a funny guy!

But all laughing aside, Robert’s training has been making a huge difference in my performance on the track and I’ve only been training with him for about five weeks. I was already decently fit when I started going to him, but I’m kind of blown away by how much my stamina and strength have improved by leaps and bounds (pun intended, derby people!) and, even though I have a back injury right now, he’s helping me to work through it by strengthening my weakened muscles and improving my balance. This was really apparent two weekends ago when I was jamming through the pack and ended up going through a line of blockers backwards on one foot, with a hop or two, and then flipping around and skating away. It was in that moment that I realized how much of a difference training regularly makes.

I wouldn’t be improving so quickly if he wasn’t great at what he does. Let’s face it, I have all sorts of shit wrong with me – back injury, brain tumour that messes with my blood pressure and hormones, recurring shoulder injury – and he works with all of it and doesn’t even miss a step. Not only does he just seem to know how hard he can push me at any given time, he also instinctively knows when he needs to make me simmer down and take it a bit easier. I can’t do that on my own because all I know how to do is push, push, push, until I’m exhausted or good and broken. I don’t have the ability to tell myself when enough is enough and I need a break, but I don’t have to anymore because he does that for me. Good trainers are a dime a dozen, but intuitive trainers are not. Add into the mix that he’s also an athlete (he and my hubs used to play hockey together) and, well, it’s a winning combo.

He also enjoys busting out into impromptu dances while I’m working at something particularly challenging or while we’re sitting around, waiting for my head to stop spinning. It’s nice that he’s not like some of those extremely modest trainers out there who are all business and strut around as though they are the shit! This guy knows his stuff and also knows how to laugh and have fun. He enjoys what he does and it shows.

But hey, personal training isn’t all that he does. He also runs bootcamps and does group and corporate training! I asked him if I could crash his bootcamp this morning (really effin early, I might add) with my camera, so I could take some pics of him for my blog. This is what I saw…

He brings families together, like this father and son who were bonding while working out!

F3-19He makes grown men cry on a regular basis.



He’s so skilled, he can teach people to levitate!



He makes other ladies’ asses hurt too, so much so that they pray for him to make it stop!



His presence attracts UnderArmour Whores (and here I thought I was the only one)!



He lets his clients torture their buddies and enjoy every minute of it!




He’s also all about equality when it comes to torture!

F3-15He also likes to make the ladies work on their boobs (it’s okay, Mrs. Petrie already knows this)!!!

F3-16He exercises people’s brains by asking them to do exercises that require a lot of concentration and coordination.




He makes people love themselves!



In fact, he does a lot of good stuff for a lot of people!

If you would like to see what Mr. Petrie’s bootcamp class is all about or if you would like to talk to him about private training or group training (and you don’t mind your ass going from saggy and low to high and tight at the speed of light), then the information you will need is below and, trust me, he’s worth every damn penny! You can also check out his website at F3 Fit

Outdoor BootCamp

Start April 22nd to May 31st
No class on Monday, May 20th
The Bootcamp will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday 630-­730 a.m. at Riverside Park (meet at the
It will run continually in 6 week intervals throughout the spring and summer…
Sign up for
DropIn = $15/class
1classes/week = $14/class ($84*)
2classes/week = $13/class ($156*)
3classes/week = $12/class ($216*)
* May 20th Victoria Day­ May Long Weekend= Minus One Class of total
Payment, we take Cash, Cheque, Credit Card*, and Debit Card*
(* Unable to process at park please come to Kamloops Fit Centre)
#119­805 Notre Dame Drive
Kamloops BC V2C 5N8
When signing up for 1,2 or 3 classes, you have an opportunity to have a body composition assessment and
a diet consult at Kamloops Fit Centre for a discounted price of…$50
Each session will focus on fundamental movements, building a foundation that will improve your fitness.
Working with full body exercises each day will highlight a different body part.
If you have any question please email ( , text or call (250-574-1809) Rob at anytime.






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