Angela & Kevin – First Okanagan Winter Wedding of 2018

When I first met Angela back in 2012, I felt her energy long before we were introduced and I knew instantly we would be friends. Flashback with me to the day before a wedding out in Cherry Creek. I was walking down the stairs to a beautiful backyard garden and I felt a warm and happy feeling rush through me. I looked over at the ceremony site and there was Ang, chatting with the bride and groom. My feet bee-lined for her and we instantly hit it off! Ever since we’ve had a connection and I LIVE for weddings where she is performing the ceremony! She’s warm and funny, but more than that, she’s all about energy and she’s an empath, like me, so we totally understand each other. Also, like me, she wears her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to show her dark side just as much as her light. These are the people I’m drawn to – the ones who keep it real, admit when they are angry or down or being less than stellar, but also know that their light balances them. Ang is part of my tribe, even when we don’t see each other for a long time or keep in touch as often as we could.

I touched base with her a few weeks ago to see if she was available to marry one of my couples and she hit me with the best news ever – SHE was getting married! I was over the moon happy for her and, as she told me her story, my heart swelled up to bursting and I was so thrilled to be part of her day!

There is something so satisfying and heartfelt when twin flames, who have been separated for more than half a lifetime, finally find a way to burn together. This is how it is with me and my guy and this is how it is with Angela and Kevin.

Best friends and inseparable in high school, they were in love then, but didn’t realize it, and they lost touch over the years and went on to live their lives. Marriages came and went. Children were born and raised. Life happened. But through it all, they never stopped thinking about each other and wondering what life would have been like had they taken the leap back then.

And then, unexpectedly, it happened. They reconnected and the moment she saw him, 30 years disappeared in a blink and she knew that she was home. It was the same for him and they decided that they’d waited for each other long enough.

Maybe they were rushing? Maybe they were acting like two crazy kids in love? Maybe they were being irrational? No way! I believe they were meant to be separated for those 30 years so when their paths finally came together again, they could easily walk in sync with open hearts and a perfect understanding of what real love is – raw, open, at times messy and painful, but also sprinkled all over with little moments of pure fairytale and feeling of coming home at last.

Welcome home, you two. So much love coming your way and I can’t wait to share moments with you for many years to come!



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