prices for different types of editing.

Editing services offered by Jo Johnson:

Please note: All services require an assessment of the written material before the cost of services can be estimated.

  • The Whole Shebang: Involves every aspect of editing from picking your story apart and ensuring it makes sense to making sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. In other words, sometimes it’s just easier to hire one editor to do all the things so you don’t have to make small talk with too many people. 😉 $85/hr
  • Substantive/Structural editing: Involves reorganizing and clarifying a manuscript or other written material to ensure the content and structure flow. In other words, let’s make sure your story isn’t full of holes and doesn’t go off on 42.3 tangents. $55/hr
  • Stylistic editing: Involves non-mechanical editing, such as cleaning up language and clarifying meaning. In other words, “I must help you ‘cuz your book-a makes-a no sense-a.” (spoken in my best Italian accent, complete with hand gestures) $55/hr
  • Copy editing/Line editing: Involves editing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, and other mechanics of style and formatting. In other words, someone’s gotta get down to the nitty gritty and make it all look pretty. $55/hr
  • Proofreading: Involves checking the “finished” manuscript for any mechanical, formatting or design errors that were missed. In other words, the part of the editing process where the writer and all the other editors now have permanently crossed eyes because they’ve looked at your material SO MANY TIMES. Take a break. Go drink a beer and relax. I gotchu bro! $45/hr
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Writing services offered by Jo Johnson:

  • Fiction: You have a rad story idea and don’t know how to flesh it out? Excellent! Anything that involves me crafting stories is my jam! I’m IN!!! $75/hr
  • Ghost writing & blogging: I will research it and write it (with legit citations if they are needed) and you publish it and take all the credit. Enjoy your fame and fortune—writers are notorious for being extremely private, recluse-types anyway. $75+/hr
  • Grants/Proposals: I took an entire course in this stuff. It’s an art form and, not gonna lie, boring AF, but I’m not only skilled at sourcing the info for these, I’m also a master at laying them out in a presentation style that will knock your dang socks off. $65/hr
  • Website content research and creation: Building a website, but have zero idea what to write or how to write it? Step aside, luv, I got this! I will handle your keyword research, SEO optimization through content, Title tags and Meta Descriptions, and everything else that will help your website start ranking high on search engines quickly. This ain’t my first website-writing rodeo! $60/hr
  • Newsletter creation: Does your company want to start publishing newsletters to send out to your readers? Don’t have anyone in-house available or writing just isn’t your jam? All good. That’s why I’m here. Just give me a few ideas of what you want to cover and leave the rest to me. I’ll whip something up faster than mama makes whip cream for pancakes on Sunday mornings! $55/hr