Professional Writer & Certified Editor

Jo Johnson is professional writer and certified editor who has 30+ years experience.

Being a professional writer and certified editor is just plain fun. I know, weird right? A lot of people don’t enjoy immersing themselves in words and the nitpicky rules of English, but nothing makes me happier than banging out some seriously scintillating prose or using my knowledge of all things “wordy” to shine up someone’s manuscript.

My knowledge of writing comes, first and foremost, from close to 40 years of writing in many different capacities—journaling, writing articles for magazines and newspapers, writing short stories and poetry in university and beyond, writing novels (which, up until recently, I hadn’t published), and writing thousands of hours worth of blogs (for myself and others). Basically, if it can be written, I want to be writing it.

I would even go so far as to boldly brag that writing is my addiction—better words than cocaine and casinos, amiright!

I believe that we are born with a certain set of skills that allow us to reach the world and change it in exactly the way that will have the most impact. Some people are born with a rad set of pipes or mechanically-inclined minds and they sing or invent to change the world. Some people are born with inherent leadership skills and they find themselves in places of power where their beliefs and strategies make an impact and a difference.

I was born to use my creative writing skills and knowledge of English to make my impact—to help others when my writing resonates with them; to inspire people by writing about overcoming my own experiences and struggles. More than that, though, I was also born to help others by showing them how to use their own words to influence the world, to share themselves with like minds, and to get their stories out to the masses where they can also spark inspiration and motivation.

Just put a pen (or a laptop) in my hands, wind me up and watch me go!

Jo Johnson Writer & Editor