Vernon Boudoir Photographer

Jo Johnson is an experienced, professional, ridiculously fun boudoir photographer who has been shooting superbabes for 12 years throughout BC and abroad.

“I believe modern women are WAY TOO HARD on ourselves and we all deserve to love both our bodies and our minds a lot harder and a lot smarter. This means I go to great lengths to teach my clients (and, really, all the women I know) that the secret to loving the skin we are in is to STOP COMPARING ourselves to anyone else. Why? Because you are you, boo and there ain’t nobody else out there who is remotely similar, so why compare yourself to other women? Why try to be someone else when you can focus your attention (and your love) on yourself and just embrace everything you are? Comparison is the killer of self-love and a lack of self-love is the killer of confidence and ease within your own skin.

The best way I know how to prove this is to pick up my camera and photograph a woman – clothed or not – so I can show her what she looks like when the veil of disillusion is stripped away and her soul (and maybe her booty) lay naked before her in all its glory. As women, we have to LEARN to look at ourselves without our comparison glasses on. I’m REALLY good at doing this and I am going to change your perspective of your body (and your essence) with my camera and my innate ability to see you in a totally different light than you see yourself.”

It’s true. Put a camera in her hand, wind her up and watch her go! Jo will help you discover an entirely new side of yourself.

Jo Johnson Photography